Our Vision

Sunflower association began with a local group who wanted to share with others the
benefits they have experienced while being in nature.

In conversations with gardeners, bird-watchers, hikers, kayakers, environmentalists, or anyone who spends time in a natural setting, we realized that each of us felt a similar intangible connection.

Each of us have experienced this connection in an individual and personal way, but for each of us it has enriched our lives.

This dynamic relationship between people and nature  is mutually beneficial. From our nature experiences, we have all come to find our place on this planet — a part of a larger whole, participating in the natural systems and cycles.

As technology advances, we seem to have fewer opportunities to enjoy the authentic
sensory experience of seeing, hearing, touching, tasting, and smelling the natural world
in which we live.

Providing a way to experience this connection is the purpose of the Sunflower Association. Our focus is on sharing, not teaching, so that the intangible “connection” might be passed along.

Our intention is to provide experiences that are interesting and fun. Because people nurture and protect what they know and love, the natural world is more respected and the earth we live on is better able to sustain people.

We hope to be a place to connect individuals with more information about the nature activities they are interested in. Click on the the pictures below for more information on the type of activities that interest you.

Outdoor Activities